How to use OneSignal to notify users of updates on your blog

How to use OneSignal to notify users of updates on your blog

What is OneSignal?

OneSignal is a high volume and reliable push notification service for websites and mobile applications. –


  1. Navigate to and signup for an account. The free account should be alright for small businesses.
  2. Once you’ve done that you will be navigated straight to the dashboard. Now you will need to click ‘Add App’
  3. Give it a name and choose the platform. For this tutorial I’m going to choose web push. After, choose the site you use, I’m going to go with ‘WordPress Plugin’ then ‘WordPress’
  4. Now fill out the details for your website
  5. Once you’ve completed that it will prompt you to install the WordPress plugin. This makes it easy to use OneSignal with your site.
  6. Finally, when your using creating a post OneSignal will automatically send a notification to your subscribers. I you don’t want this to happen just untick the Send Notification box

Additional Steps

How to post custom notifications to subscribers

  1. Go to sign in and click on your app
  2. Navigate to messages and click new push
  3. You can now choose who you want to send it to
  4. Then you can change the title and then customise the  push more
  5. Now you can choose which browsers you would like to send it to. On chrome you can choose action buttons but other browsers do not support it. Also, you can choose the link that is launched when the notification is clicked and the priority of the notification
  6. Finally, you can send the notification now or send it later at a specific time. Once you’re ready to send it click confirm and it will be sent to your subscribed users.


Above: The option to disable notification on that post

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