How to Root an Android Phone and Install a Custom Rom

How to Root an Android Phone and Install a Custom Rom

What is ‘Rooting an Android Phone’?

When you root an Android phone you unlock features and possibilities you didn’t have before. You could install custom roms or update your operating system.

Are there any risks?

There is a slight risk where you might ‘brick’ your phone but the chance of that happening is slim and can be avoided by backing up


  1. Unlock your bootloader. This is a crucial step if you want to update or install a custom rom. If you don’t need to, skip this step. However, because the bootloader is different on different devices you will need to do a quick google search for ‘unlock bootloader on [your device here]
  2. Then you need to root your device. My personal choice is KingsRoot which worked for me. I would advise using the PC software as it has a higher chance of working
  3. Now you have rooted your device you need to install a ‘recovery’ this enables you to install a rom. I would recommend Twrp
  4. After, you should be able to check your recovery is working by pressing the volume down button and the power on button. Then go down to recovery. Once you’ve checked it’s working you can safely exit
  5. Then it’s time to install your custom rom. My preferred rom is LineageOS. Go to the downloads page and download it. If you don’t want to use this rom follow the steps below with your rom
  6. Now boot into Twrp and click backup. After creating a backup click install, find the file and then swipe to confirm the flash
  7. Done. Now you can reboot into LineageOS.

Additional Links

  • LineageOS doesn’t come with Google Play Store or other google apps pre-installed to install them go to Open GApps.
  • Root privileges are removed when installing a custom rom. With LineageOS you can download the software from LineageOS.
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