Choose and Use an Alternative DNS Resolver

Choose and Use an Alternative DNS Resolver

Also called resolvers, domain name resolvers are the names given to computers, commonly located with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or institutional networks that are used to respond to a user request to resolve a domain name. These computers translate a domain name into an IP address. –

How to Choose and Use a DNS Resolver


  1. Download DNS Speed Test which checks major DNS Resolvers to find the fastest for you
  2. When you’ve run the speed test a few times to find the fastest, do a quick search for ‘[Your DNS Resolver] public dns ip address
  3. If your chosen DNS Resolver is Cloudfare you can install the official app called
  4. If not download DNS Changer and input the ip addresses you found in step 2
  5. Turn it on and navigate to DNS Leak Test and choose standard test. If your DNS Resolver is working it should show up in the ISP column
Above: My DNS Leak Test Results

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