I’m James Cook, I’m a web designer and programmer based in the UK. I code in HTML, Python and PHP. You can check out my Blog (which I post every Monday on) or contact me by visiting my contact page. If you want to contact me on any social media you can do by clicking here.

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  • Why Cloudflare is Needed on Your Website
    So, you’re probably here because you’re on the fence to deciding wether to take the leap and use Cloudflare. Well before I go and tell you all the reasons for using Cloudflare lets talk about the very few reasons when you shouldn’t and might not want to. When You Shouldn’t Use Cloudflare For people who […]
  • Getting Started With Unity
    In this tutorial I’m going to be taking you through the basic steps in getting to know how to use Unity. Unity is a cross platform game engine that enables you to make games for any platform wether it be Android, IOS, Mac, Console etc. Downloading and installing Unity First you need to head over […]
  • Building a Multiplayer Game with Unity
    A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make an app of some kind, whether that be an app or a game. I researched for some good software to be able to create one and came across Unity Engine. Unity Engine is a game engine which makes it easier to create games whilst not […]

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