Getting Started With Unity

2 minute read

In this tutorial I’m going to be taking you through the basic steps in getting to know how to use Unity.

NOTE: This tutorial has been ported from my previous blog apologies if any links don’t work

Unity is a cross platform game engine that enables you to make games for any platform whether it be Android, IOS, Mac, Console etc.

Downloading and installing Unity:

1) First you need to head over to and download Unity, for now you can just click the FREE Individual plan (if you already have a GitHub student account click the student button)
2) Once you’ve clicked get started you will be taken to another page where you need to click the button under ‘First time Users’. You will be then taken to a download page where you can download and install Unity.
3) Once you’ve download unity you should be greeted with the generic Unity interface, what you need to do is click new
4) Now you will see the different templates you can create a game from, for the purposes of this tutorial we are going to use ‘Karting Mini Game’
5) Once you’ve clicked this Unity will take several minutes to import all the assets into your project

Playing around with our template:

Once you’ve imported all your assets into the scene you will see a little tutorial on the left side of your screen, follow this tutorial as its going to be showing you the basic steps of learning how to use the Unity editor, import prefabs and most importantly build your game for the right platform. Have a go at deleting the already made track and adding your own. If you need any inspiration you can check out my game at: [LINK REDACTED]

Once you’ve played around with this make sure to check out my more in depth tutorial on how to build a multiplayer game (note: sadly the wayback archive didn’t get this link :()