How I Got My Ultra Fast Loading Time

You may have noticed that this site loads pretty fast. In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to get a super fast loading speed.

How To Do It

  • Use a CDN. This signifcatly makes your pages load faster.They cache your site around the world so your vistor gets the server thats close to them. I use cloudflare which has a free tier which is fine for me but any other CDN will work.
  • Cache your pages. Use a caching plugin to cache files, the best one is W3 Total Cache. This stores images and other assets on the clients computer so they don’t have to query your server. As you can see from the image below all but one of my files come from cache.
Network Log of My Website
  • Lazy load images (and comments with Disqus Conditional Load). If you lazy load images they only load when the user scrolls to them. This speeds up loading time as it doesn’t have to load images if the reader doesn’t want to. The plugin Lazy Load by WP Rocket does the trick fine.
  • Disable features you don’t need. If you use Jetpack you will probably know it comes with a lot of features the average user wouldn’t need. The same applies to WordPress, with WP Disable you can disable features with a click.
  • Compress images. If you compress images you can reduce load time dramically. With WP Smush you can optimize images automatically each time you upload. This is very handy as once you install it you can just leave it
  • Minimize HTML and CSS. This doesn’t improve load speeds loads but can help.

If I missed anything out let me know in the comments below