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Using Jenkins to Automate Your Jekyll Site

7 minute read

I recently thought about installing Jenkins on my home server to mess around with it and see what all the fuss was about it. I recently installed and let me ...

Should You Switch To Linux

3 minute read

I recently switched to Linux full time and I wanted to share my thoughts to why you should and shouldn’t move to Linux. Please note that I switched to Linux ...

Posting With Jekyll

3 minute read

Jekyll is a static site generator for creating any type of site from blogs like this one to portfolio’s or enterprise sites. It doesn’t require a database an...

Why You Need Cloudflare On Your Site

3 minute read

So, you’re probably here because you’re on the fence to deciding wether to take the leap and use Cloudflare. Well before I go and tell you all the reasons fo...

Getting Started With Unity

2 minute read

In this tutorial I’m going to be taking you through the basic steps in getting to know how to use Unity.